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Sunday, July 10, 2011


We are now accepting Pre-Orders for War at Sea Set VI "Surface Action". All orders will ship in accordance with WotC rules regarding delivery on or after the release date of 25 October. We are selling a single case order at the price of $109.95 though the end of July. The price will increase to $111.95 effective 1 August. If our price is incorrect (based on a retail price of $15.99/booster) we will reduce the price to $106.95/case (the retail booster price of $14.99) and refund any over charge.

We will begin accepting Pre-Orders for Angels 20 once we get clarification on the booster price. Each booster will contain 3, random 1:100 scale minis. There are 30 minis in the set. The WotC Fall 2011 Catalog stated the booster price is $16.99 with 8 boosters to a case. However, we have been informed by our distributor that the price is $24.99. We will update this blog with new information as we receive it.