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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We receieved our shipment of the new Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures Angels 20 game on Monday, 20 February. Due to the President's Day holiday, all Pre-Orders were shipped on Tuesday, 21 February and some arrived at our customer's homes on Wednesday, 22 February.

We have a good supply of the Angels 20 Two Player Starter Set, booster packs and cases in stock and ready for shipment. There are 31 singles in the set.

Each Two Player Starter Set comes with 6 miniatures; 3 German and 3 UK planes that took part in the Battle of Britain. In addition, the starter set contains 2 maps, a rulebook, a counter sheet, 4 dice and a complete set of all 31 stat cards. The Bf110 is available only in the Two Player Starter Set, however 12-7-Games is selling the Bf110 as a single in our store.

Each booster pack contains 3 random miniatures.

We are selling all 31 Angels 20 miniatures as singles. You may purchase minis with or without a stat card. In addition, you may purchase additional maps, rulebooks, counter sheets & dice, or all 31 stat cards in a set or as a single.

Be sure to stop by our store today and start collecting all 31 planes for the new Angels 20 set!